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Principal Amount
Rate of Interest
Tenure (Year/Month/Day)
Frequency of payment
Total Investment 1,00,00,000.00  
Total Interest 30.00  

Maturity Value 1,00,00,000.00  

Frequently Asked Questions FD Calculator

What is FD or Fixed Deposit?

FD - Fixed Deposit, the name itself suggests that this is a scheme provided by banks and non-banking financial organizations to there customers. Banks and financial organizations provide the intrastate on your fixed deposit (principal) amount after maturity. FD or Fixed Deposit is the safest way to investment and it gives the guaranty of return on investment.

In India customer can open FD Account with Banks, non-banking financial company (NBFC) and post-offices.

What are types of Fixed Deposit (FD) India?

According to requirement following are the types
1) Standard fixed deposits
2) Tax-saving fixed deposit
3) Corporate fixed deposits
4) Senior citizen fixed deposit
5) NRO fixed deposit account

What is locking period of FD in India?

The locking period of FD in India is 7 days, minimum we have to fix the money for 7 Days. If a customer breaks the locking period then he/she will not get the intrastate on the fixed deposit amount.

What is minimum and maximum investment FD in India?

There is not such any guideline on this. But some banks ask for minimum 5000/- investment if customer open online FD account and there is not any maximum limit.

What are the benefits of FD?

1) Customers can apply for loans against FDs up to 80 to 90 % of the value of deposits. The rate of interest on the loan will be very minimum.
2) Locking period of FD is very less that is 7 days in India.
3) Investing in a fixed deposit earns customers a higher interest rate than depositing money in a saving account.
4) Tax saving FD that allow the customer/investor to save tax under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

What is FD calculator formula?

FD formula is M = P ( 1 + r / n ) ^ n * t

In the above formula, components are
M = Maturity Value, customer will get all return on investment after FD get mature (Principal Amount + Intrastate Amount).
P = Principal amount of loan.
R = Rate of interest of loan amount.
N = Frequency of Payment.
T = Tenure that might be years, months or days.

What Calculate EMI FD Calculator provides you?

1) FD calculator for days payout
2) FD calculator for monthly payout
3) FD calculator for yearly payout

How to use Calculate EMI FD Calculator online?

1) We gave the slider and text boxes to enter the amount for the Principal Amount, Rate of Interest, Tenure and drop down for frequency of payment
2) FD get an auto to calculate on the slider, text box or drop-down get change.
3) Below the slider we give the details of FD Total Investment and Total Interest it gives the idea about total Maturity Value (principal + interest).
4) You can also check the principle and interest amount bifurcation. And the same Bifurcation will be provided in chart format.
5) You can recalculate new payment using slider change.
6) We try to provide you EMI calculated details in charts format.

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